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The Columbia Valley Community Economic Development (CVCED) Strategic Plan was created between August and October 2017, approved by the volunteer Columbia Valley Community Economic Development Advisory Commission (CVCEDAC) on October 19, 2017, and updated in January 2018.


The Strategic Plan is based on Community Economic Development principles; key documents developed from the communities in the Columbia Valley, and many conversations with local business, non profit and government leaders. This plan is designed to synthesize the many data sets, ideas, challenges and opportunities into a framework and action plan for the Columbia Valley Community Economic Development Officer (CVCEDO) and the CVCEDAC.


The initial plan approved in October was the result of 3 months of study, meetings and action. This update provides a summary of the progress made on that original plan and supporting tactics, as well as outlines new information that suggests changes should be made to the plan.






Critical Path


So much research and planning exists, and the critical path outlined in the Resident Attraction and Retention Strategy (2016) is still valid. At this early stage of the CVCEDO’s activities, the focus will be on solidifying a collaborative regional approach for effective action, formalizing and advancing community economic development initiatives; encouraging planning around improved infrastructure, amenities and recreational features. Refreshing the Columbia Valley’s tourism image and promoting the image is in the area and control of the local DMOs and the tourism marketing coop. The CVCEDAC will partner with these initiatives wherever possible.



The CVCED strategy brings a holistic approach, encouraging quality over quantity, and differentiation, where first class (and right-sized) amenities are possible, with small town feel and community connectedness).

CED Goals

From the critical path above, here are the 4 relevant and current goals that will support CED in the Columbia Valley:

  • Goal “A”: Solidify a Collaborative Regional Approach for Effective Action
  • Goal “B”: Formalize and Advance Community Economic Development Initiatives to Diversify the Economy and Create Quality Local Jobs
  • Goal “C”: Refresh the Columbia Valley’s image and promote the image
  • Goal “D”: Improve the Columbia Valley’s Infrastructure, Amenities, and Recreational Features

At times the CVCEDO will take on the role of the project lead, or act as a resource, a support. And other times the CVCEDO will be in a monitor role only.