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Living Wage

While businesses and communities are very interested in increasing their economic activity, sometimes some decisions can leave workers in an unsustainable employment situation. And unsustainable employment situations impact the worker, their families, the employer and leads to an increase in need for social services.

“A living wage is different than a minimum wage. The minimum wage is the legislated minimum set by the provincial government. The minimum wage should be set at a rate high enough to lift an individual worker out of poverty. An adequate minimum wage is the government’s responsibility to address working poverty.”Living Wage for Families Coalition

Living Wage in the Columbia Valley

Upon the urging of a local business, a group of individuals has been meeting to discuss the input costs to determine a living wage in the Columbia Valley. Once the living wage is calculated, the public will be invited to engage and learn about the calculation, what it tells us, and what we can do to help local working families achieve it.